CNC  Tool Grinding Machine
4 Axes GT-500
5 Axes GT-800
Hob Resharpening
4 Axes CNC Tool Grinder

Model: GT-500

1. Mitsubishi controller F80
2. Marco tool software 
3. Operation panel
4. Spindle power 7.0kW        


Spare parts of the tool grinder are available for sales
1. Grinding Spindle
2. Dividing Work Head
3. VMK Chuck and Collets
4. Worm Gear and Shaft
5. Wheel Flange
6. Work Spindle and Bearing set
7. Cylinder
8. Operation Panel
Technical Data
Machine Capacity Specification
Maximum Tool Diameter φ3~12
Maximum Working Length 120mm
Helix Angle 45°
No. Of CNC Axes Simultaneous 4 Axes Control

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